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We enable developers to create enterprise JavaScript applications by providing a set of tools that helps them to deliver more efficiently, more easily and more elegantly. We cover the full stack for JavaScript developers.

Implementing projects is also our forte, we work with organizations across the globe on various assignments from NGOs to micro-biological research facilities, from medical institutions to construction companies.

JayStack is the JavaScript company

We provide solutions for the challenges of the hyper-changing ecosystem

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NodeJS-Based Microservices Development
NodeJS-Based Microservices Development

Enterprise IT is no longer about creating monolithic applications or robust intranet platforms which were the single point of entry to all information. Communication is evolving. Social interactions take place in a digital world. Relationships are developed through sharing, commenting, and liking content across multiple devices. This transformation has been prevalent for the past decade yet it is only just the beginning.

JayStack provides solutions for this hyper-changing ecosystem. We believe that employees will use enterprise systems more willingly and easily if it fits into their existing routines: it is lightweight, it can be reached from any device any time and it requires minimal learning. This is the era of microservices-based IT, using technologies such as NodeJS, NoSQL, HTML5 and JavaScript. We are ready to take you to this next level.


JayData is a set of tools and libraries that help JavaScript developers working with a tremendous amount of data to create data-intensive cross-platform applications. You can achieve up to 90% code savings at the data management part of your solution.

It is a unified data access library for JavaScript to work with online and offline data APIs like WebSQL, IndexedDB or OData. The library is open source and you can download it here.

Support packages and the closed-sources version are available here.

Groundbreaking new features in JayData 1.5.5 RC

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JayData competence chart: .NET, Windows Azure, SQL, SQLite, NODE.js, INDEXED DB, mongoDB
Line of Business Mobile Apps
Line of Business Mobile Apps

Agile enterprises see mobile applications as the IT front-end of their processes. Users start an app to submit vacation requests, to get reimbursed after business trips, or to check the latest KPIs – just as they open an app to communicate with their peers via email or chat. JayStack provides the technical and business knowledge to help enterprises create these apps.

We use only cross-platform technologies because no company uses the same make, model, or operating system for their mobile devices. We build apps based on JavaScript and HTML5, utilizing additional technologies like AngularJS, React, Kendo, PhoneGap and Cordova.

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TES Teacher Recruitment Platform

TES Teacher Recruitment Platform

Queue-based integration layer and mass-scale asset manager for the largest teaching roles manager in UK, using NodeJS and microservices.

The TES teacher recruitment platform is used to advertise around 90% of all UK teaching roles, but TES has used the same application stack for 14 years. To respond to the appearance of smaller competitors and counter their increasing presence on the market, we have rebuilt this platform in the cloud with NodeJS, using microservices.

We have built a queue-based integration layer that enables job ads to be re-routed from the old system to the new platform. Another new piece of functionality is the asset management tool that will enable schools to upload and store their graphical assets, so they are ready for when they want to publish their job ads. All of this new and enhanced functionality is coming together to create a far more efficient system for both posting ads and responding to them.

MIS for Richter Pharmaceutical

MIS for Richter Pharmaceutical

Monitoring drug production for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies of Europe. We used .NET, E/F, HTML5, JayData and a complex OLAP reporting system.

This highly scaled and distributed solution monitors various stages of drug production, including compliance with numerous legal and quality assurance regulations at Gedeon Richter, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Europe. Based on a classic corporate infrastructure, the .NET and Entity Framework-based software uses cross-platform JavaScript-based, HTML5 UI, utilizing the online/offline capabilities of JayData to meet the requirements of an occasionally connected scenario.

Connecting barcode readers and printers ensure that drug samples are always identified, while a complex OLAP-based reporting system makes the whole drug production process transparent to managers and quality assurance personnel.

Mobile Apps for The Greater Good

Mobile Apps for The Greater Good

Apps to help finding the closest free meal. Rescue domestic violence victims. Coordinate deploying volunteers. All written in JavaScript and HTML5, using JayData.

TechSoup Global, and their division Caravan Studios, is a non-profit organization addressing problems that really matter. JayStack has helped them to create apps that help underprivileged youths to find the closest free meal and open library during summer breaks (Range) that help domestic violence victims to find shelter for the night (SafeNight) and to help deploying known volunteers to meet urgent, time-sensitive needs (4Bells).

We used cross-platform tools to create these apps, so they can be submitted to every appstore. They are based on JavaScript, HTML5 and cloud computing services, with data manipulation handled by JayData.

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